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hi ^___-
i'm a 36 years old . i live in France.I love Kiki & Lala since i'm a little girl . i had many Sanrio items in my childhood. I started a new collection of sanrio vintage collection , 15 years ago. A big part of my collection is about Little Twin Stars but i have some vintage items about My Melody , Hello Kitty and other rare characters too . I hope you will enjoy my blog . ^___- I try to find a lot of pictures of vintage items on the web . There are so many !!! You can find also all the news about Little Twin Stars in Asia because in Europe unfortunatly Kiki & Lala are less known than Hello Kitty. I take pictures of my own collection & you can also find it on the right with all my links ...i know there many foreign people who come to see me, that's why i write in english, well i try to do my best ^^ , i know i'm very bad , lol !! So have some fun and don't hesitate to conctact me ^____- i will be happy to answer...